With the increased infiltration of smartphones and development of 3G network in India, there is an estimation of downloading of nine billion mobile application by the Indians in India during the year 2015, which is five times more in comparison to the year 2012 as per a survey.


This boost in the downloads of applications is also expected to expand the revenue from paid apps to an assessment over fifteen billion INR in compare to nine billion in 2014. This means there is a huge platform is being created for App Developers. The era of booming smart gadgets and the huge usage of internet is growing and also the community of Indian Mobile Developers. There is going to be a great revolution coming in favor to App world this year as there are N number of demand of apps for different OS is expected from the people around the world. There is an estimation of growth for related or connected industries like printing media, digital advertising media etc in the year 2015 and it will be continued year by year.


The number of Indian mobile developers in the country is quite big and that is around three lakhs and Indian Android developer community stands second in this whole world after United states of America. According to ne survey the country may have tremendous increase in the app developers and going to achieve the first place by 2017. Indian App economy is booming and making its place in the global sphere and this is a good tremendous or the prediction for consumers, related businesses and Indian Mobile developers.


As developers, they like to experiment on different technologies and different apps like cross platform mobile apps technology, native mobile apps, hybrid mobile apps or a web apps. And that can be good for some great outcome. A survey has shown that professional Indian mobile developers are more focused on cross platform app development. Cross platform mobile development is the one which can be used on multiple mobile platforms.


If we talk about gaming industry, it is the most growing field of this technical aeon. It has experienced a gigantic growth in past few years. Online ans social games have captured the highest market in the App world. Currently Xbox from Microsoft, Play stations from Sony and Nintendo have totally influenced the gaming industry. If we look into this large demand of gaming Apps and technologies there is a huge demand for App and web developers who make these out standing gaming Apps. Google has announced to develop new gaming apps based on Android platform which is a shaking news for the key players in the market.


However, with increasing smartphones and tablet markets and growing technologies in mobile devices in India, Android and iOS devices are marking their usages in many of the handhelds and that is the key area for Indian Mobile Developers to make the difference from the other countries. Changes are continuous and developers need to regularly upgrade themselves with latest technologies in the market. Knowledge up gradation is very important and necessary in thi competitive market and has been essential to grow in this tech industry.


The current areas where Mobile App Developers are focusing are Call center, Hospitality, Health Care providers, Government agencies, Retail Industry, Events Management, Telecommunication, Financial Services, Entertainment industry etc., and they have been quite successful. So we are all set to provide best class Apps and innovative & out of the box mobile solutions to the world and the era of technology.