Running a business has its ups and downs in good measure. But as someone that has the power to take strategic decisions, you need to be able to take some that are in the best interest of the company, but not necessarily in the long run. Mainly these tend to be the result of cutting costs and therefore, boost profits. And for the past decade, this would mean outsourcing tasks, mainly to BRIC countries. India, specifically, when it comes to IT services and other support tasks in business processes.
And what has happened is that people have started looking at Indian mobile developers with an almost negative outlook which has been built up over the years. Well, I'm not completely denying that there have been and these incidents still crop up from time to time that put developers in a bad light, but that's not the end of the story here. There is a need to look at things from another perspective. 
The thing is earlier on there were just a limited amount of resources as well as willing people who wanted to foray in the world of technology with the interest and commitment that makes a developer skilled and resourceful. As people largely looked at just much money development would get them at the end of the day after getting out college, trying to juggle all monetary aspects of life. And because similar services for hire at somewhere like say, the US would cost 5 times more, companies sought after Indian professionals, the same people that might not necessarily been schooled the right way technically. 
But that scenario is of the past now, with people realizing what a lucrative and dynamic market IT has become now, and also seeing the immense market that is the West, influential entities from both India and abroad have started investing heavily in the infrastructure as well as other resources required to ensure students here get the best education when it comes to IT and management. With students taking a more hands on approach more than just paper and pen, we're seeing a huge amount of skilled professionals being able to create a great impact on the IT sector. 
And what adds to the fact is that Indian mobile developers now make it a point to create software solutions that are of global quality and keep themselves updated on the latest tech updates in their field to make sure their clients and or users are always getting the latest products to use. In an extremely competitive market that is mobile, you need to have a team that is highly responsive and has a short turnaround time. And in any other scenario, that'd mean a huge bump in the cost of development, so here's where hiring the services of Indian developers would help you save up hugely on your budget. The best part of which is that you would still be getting great quality services for incredible cost effective prices for mobile app development as well.