Developing an app is a resource intensive and time consuming process. It takes up effort of from everyone involved, and is something that shouldn't be dealt with casually. There may be many reasons that an individual or company decides this would be a good idea.  Whatever their reason for developing an app might be, generally people think that just putting an app out there is going to make them rich just like throwing money all over the place to cover more expense will only help you go bankrupt. 
Indian mobile developers are very much in need, both in India as well as abroad, because of their expertise in building great, innovative apps without having to pay a whole of money for development as compared to other developers around the world. But back home, the question that a lot of developers are asking is how are they supposed to monetize on the app. Now doubt, there are a lot of ways one can achieve that, but the issue at large here is that Indian app users are a bit hesitant in paying for mobile apps. 
But this reason doesn't seem to do justice to the problem. There are other factors at play as well, like the lack of freely available payment methods for users to purchase things with. In India, the prevalent mode of payments is through cash or debit cards. Not a lot of people own credit cards, which is a mandate for Indian users in order to buy an app or perform any kind of in-app purchase on all major mobile app markets, like Google Play and iTunes store. People here are really big on online purchases, and the availability a variety of payment methods like bank transfers and most importantly, the use of debit cards coupled with the ease of ordering stuff online and getting it on their doorsteps, enable them to make more purchases as compared to say, going to a physical store.
Even though, it has millions of users in India, Google for example, and indirectly, Indian mobile developers won't be able to take full advantage of the scenario to properly monetize effectively, until and unless the biggest hurdle is come over by making payments even simple. Once that problem is taken care of, developers can easily take care about choosing the right channel for them to make sure that they'd be able to reach more people but in the process also earn a good return on investment. But the bottomline would remain the same. That there is a need for the developers to come up with app solutions that offer some kind of help to the user, some kind of value to the user that would make themselves want to spend more time with the app and make the user think and even recommend the app to friends in their time needs as well. 
When approaching the subject of app development, it is necessary that people look at it objectively and try to push their limit towards betterment.