The video game industry as we know it, has had a critical makeover. As compared to today, videogames are being held as being just something that'd help keep kids busy. Something that would also annoy the parents of kids that would sit glued to their screens and play Mario or Contra or the countless other games that were available at the time. These days, everyone from one's boss at work to their grand mother is active in the video game scene which has jump started a huge revolution of casual games that help people eradicate boredom and even catch up with friends. 

And mobile has played a really important part in contributing to that fact. The immense popularity of mobile has made it possible for people from all demographics to be able to be connected and access the wonders of the Internet. But it has also helped create a new platform of mobile gaming that has grown into a billion dollar industry. Making developers and dev shops millions overnight. And we've all heard about the stories, although rare, of Flappy Bird and apps like Yo, which put light on the fact that with mobile, you can reach millions of people globally with innovative, attractive and absurd ideas. Something that wasn't an easy of a task with mobile cousin the PC and laptop. 

This has also done something else, which is create a huge demand for game developers and designer. Games are easily the best selling apps in any mobile market and mostly you can cater it to a huge user base without the restrictions like usability and age restrictions applying to it. Of course, there are exceptions, but we're looking at the larger customer base. This fact has skyrocketed mobile game development into a platform that demands high tech skills and commitment, because you can't replicate Flappy Bird all the time. This is why people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in design and development. Even though, usually mobile game development demands less time duration to be completed, as compared to say, a console or PC game, it can span anything from a few months to less than 3 years. Which again translates into how resource consuming it can get. In this case, employing the services of Indian mobile developers can turn out to be a huge money saver for you. 

This is a reason why India is seeing a large amount of investment is the sector. International big wigs are setting up their branches or even training institutes that help them recruit new talent and give them global standard training. And what's more is that these companies stand to gain a lot because of the fact that India is a developing economy and the cost of living here is much lower than that of the West, where game developers can charge north of $90 per hour, as compared to less than $40 here on an average. 


 Add to this mix, Indian mobile developers are extremely diligent and effective with the right training, which makes them a favorite among clients all over the world.