Everyone has been a newbie at something at some point in their lives. That much is true. However, as time passes and you gain more knowledge you will become known as an experienced professional. This applies even to app development. Your problem when you have gained that much experience is how you can successfully compete against Indian mobile developers. Here are some ideas:
Get to know the competition in the market first. This means going online and surfing to check out what your competitors are doing on their websites. This is actually a very interesting phase in your competition agenda because you will probably see some Indian mobile developers doing better than others. So your task is how to find weak points in the armor of your competitor and use these to your advantage.
Compare your team’s proficiencies with the proficiencies of your competitors. Who do you think is better? This is a hard question to answer because your competitors are probably strong in some areas and weak in other areas, same as you. You will find it hard to find competitors who are strong in every aspect of app development. For example, these Indians might not be well versed in English so the language they use in their app could be grammatically awkward or even wrong. By getting to know the competition this way, you can compare their skills with your own proficiencies to see where you are lacking.
If you are lacking in certain areas, be sure to improve fast in those proficiencies that you lack. Time is of the essence so your team needs to hit the ground running to be able to compete against the best Indian mobile developers. If necessary, your team members may need to go back to school to improve their skills. Remember, the customer is always right in business so you need to deliver on what the clients want.
Try to find out how much your competitors are asking for a certain size of project. You will be surprised how the low priced mediocre competitors will gain the upper hand over higher priced yet quality competitors. Although it makes sense for project owners to choose quality over cost, in reality the cost of your services can indeed make or break you. So consider if you can afford to lower your costs somewhat. For instance, you might offer a discount to certain clients if they give some concessions such as putting your team on their short list of app developers for future projects.
The point to all this is that you need to outshine your competitors who are Indian mobile developers. This is business so don’t be afraid to offer come-ons and other promotions to bring in more clients. Be assured that your competitors are also doing the same right now, as we speak. If you don’t step up your game, other competitors are at your doorstep willing to take your place right away. So get competitive the right way to stay alive in the app development industry.