In today’s app development environment, Indian mobile developers have the upper hand because they have a reputation of doing sound coding at relatively low cost. Naturally, many clients are attracted to this deadly combination. Question is: how can a newbie like you possibly compete against the more established Indian mobile developers?
The truth is, not all Indian mobile developers are experts (though they may claim they are on their website). As in all industries you will see competitors with a wide range of skill sets. That means some may be experts but others might just be average or even mediocre. It takes all kinds of app developers to make an industry so that means a newbie like you has a fighting chance to compete and even win against the Indian mobile developers.
But don’t let that kind of reasoning fool you into letting down your guard. It is equally true that this app development business is a very competitive business so you can’t expect Indian mobile developers to give up just like that. They will probably fight tooth and nail to get more clients for their team, just as you would if you were in their shoes. So what does this mean?
It means basically that the game is on and you had better be prepared to be aggressive at soliciting new clients for your own team. The good news for you is that you are not helpless and that you can do your own aggressive marketing push to snare more clients. You don’t have to badmouth the competition to get what you want – rather, it would be better to focus on describing your team’s proficiencies to the clients you are wooing. You should rely on every trick in the marketing book to get these clients. That means several things such as accepting test projects to prove to the client just how good your team is, offering advantageous financial terms of payment to the client, and even offering to help with the marketing of the app once your team has created it.
This also means, by the way, that your team has to have great skills if you intend to be competitive. And perhaps great doesn’t cover it adequately – how about excellent skills? Remember that you will be competing with the best and the brightest that India has to offer so you need to outshine them when you are soliciting clients, when you have snared the contract, and when you try to get another project for the team.
Of course, there may be times when you will be finding it hard to compete aggressively against these mobile developers from India. That’s okay. Don’t worry so much about it. If they manage to win a project that you were eyeing, you just move on to the next client. Try to learn from the experience so that you know your client base better and can offer more favorable terms to the next project owner you will be in contact with.