If you are the leader of a group of Indian mobile developers, your biggest worry is probably finding new clients to bring in fresh projects. This is the worry of every app development team out there, especially since it costs money to train specialists in certain OS over time. You need to bring in new projects so that it seems worthwhile to pursue the training in the OS and to be able to keep income flowing in for your livelihood. But how can Indian mobile developers find new clients? Here are some ideas:
Look around online. Yes, you have a website for your team and that’s great. However, you need to look around online to see what the market is shaping up to be. Does it seem like a lot of new apps are being made and marketed lately? Where is the country of origin of these new contracts? Can you find project owners from that country of origin? Consider this your pre-marketing task.
Join some industry associations. Let’s say you want to create financial apps – this means looking for associations for financial experts such as life insurance associations, CPA associations, and Chambers of Commerce. Go to these associations and organizations and try to make inquiries there among their members. Although it may be hard getting that information, these are the type of organizations you need to be close to so that their members know that you exist.
Post regularly on your website. Talk about what your team has managed to accomplish by using words in a conversational style. Describe what your team was feeling as they pursued this project. (And if the project owner agrees, you can probably help market the new app on your own website, for a fee). All this activity will help you raise awareness about what you do, how you do it, and how much it costs the client to hire you.
Post regularly on social media. You might be surprised how far reaching such posts can get, especially if you have a lot of contacts already on social media like twitter and facebook. Use social media as you would a blog, by posting regularly about what you are doing. You can even post samples of your previous work there for the social media netizens to browse through. You might get lucky and find new clients that way. (The same holds true for industry associations such as LinkedIn and SkillPages).
Make waves among your personal contacts. Let them know that your team is open to being hired to create new apps. True, your family and relatives might not be looking to hiring an app developer, but they may know someone who does.
Indian mobile developers are indeed talented in this industry. Play up such talents by talking about your team every chance you get. Talk online and in real time to cast a wider net to “capture” clients. You never really know when a great app development project will land in your lap in the near and distant future.