Looking at the mobile development scenario in India, one can safely predict that it is definitely moving forward at an amazingly rapid rate. Statistics show that the number of students that are looking to take up programming, do so by moving to mobile, at least at the initial stage of their careers. With Android being the leading platform that a fresher would join. It gets interesting from there on out, because these developers are then somewhat likely to switch to other platforms after a the initial 3 year period. 
And it shouldn't come off as a shock though, because it programming as a whole is, as with any other language, based on some fundamental standards and rules, and almost all the languages that exist out there are based on these rules. If you get the grasp of those fundamental aspects, then you can easily learn the basics of any other language. And that is exactly what we're getting to see here in the market. 
Given how proficiency in more than one language can be a boon, especially in a competitive market such as mobile development, many developers have no qualms learning all that they can. This is something that helps Indian mobile developers find lucrative work both abroad as well as in the form of freelance work. Due to the lower cost of development that someone would have to pay Indian developers as compared to say someone from the west, as well as their technical prowess, these developers have made a mark for themselves in the market. 
This trend is pretty positive for the the domestic market as well, because of the inflow of assets from the huge market that outsourcing has become. Not only this, but this fact has also encouraged local entrepreneurs and businesses to think out of the box and try out new ways to market their services as well as products. It has forced them to constantly evolve to stay ahead of the curve and come up with something new, or get thwarted by competition from not only domestic players but also from International companies that are slowly realizing how lucrative the Indian market has grown on to become. 
Indian mobile developers are therefore, seeing quite a bit of interest from clients that hail from all market sectors that are on the path to discover new ways to connect with and grow their customer base. Which is again, a very crucial aspect of running a business. These days, there's no dearth in ways to spread your business motives as well as related content to the targeted audience. And those that have figured out the trick are continuing to enjoy a very strong customer base even without investing a ton of money in their marketing efforts. 
A great example of which is how a pizza retail chain used social network to create a viral promo campaign by letting its customers create virtual pizzas that could actually be ordered by people via. the company itself. The people that contributed creating these pizzas were then awarded with money, albeit just a small amount per pizza design. But creative people out there have used this opportunity to their advantage and have made thousands of dollars in a month's time.