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India is moving fast on its way to becoming the premier IT hub for the world. And with good reason too, technology and science is always been held at high regards in India and this has encouraged many Indians to choose a career in IT. Good infrastructure coupled with implementation of International programming standards ensure that the software solutions provided by Indian developers are of good quality.


Another reason that a whole lot of people, especially from the West are choosing Indian Mobile Developers to help them with their projects, whether its something that they have to start from square one, or just make a separate module for, is because they can get the above mentioned quality services at fraction of the cost that are charged in their own country. The popularity of Indian mobile developers have been such that these days a whole lot of the software development requirements are being outsourced in order to not only cut back costs, but have a constant supply of experienced, skilled and passionate individuals on whom they can rely on.


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Ever since the technology boom that led to everyone from science & financial establishments to regular households adopting the computer to increase their productivity or entertainment, we seen steady and swift changes in how our attitudes have changed towards all of this. Even how technology is even being used. We have gotten so accustomed to it that it is hard to go even a few hours without it. Which gave birth to the immense popularity of mobile phones, and eventually, smartphones that we love so much these days.


And naturally, it's popularity has spurred more and more commercialization. Which meant a lot of people wanted to create money from the mobile platform. The most accessible of which was app development. Mobile phones became so popular throughout the world that a single app which is somewhat decent could bring in thousands of dollars at the worst scenario and even touch the million mark in a matter of a week.


This kind of RoI was something that very hard to achieve and therefore, there began a rush to create more and more apps to put on the app markets. But then again, it is one of the most crucial rules to doing business, to budget your operations and therefore a lot of people choose to cut a lot of development costs by hiring Indian Mobile Developers. Which in turn means quality development services but at very cost effective prices.


Where hiring a local mobile developer can be anywhere upward of $70 per hour, that same work can be done by Indian mobile developers at less than $20 per hour, so you can see why in the world over, a unified demand for offshore development services. Especially with games and enterprise apps that can take up a huge development period many clients decide to outsource their requirements. Which has led to India becoming the unofficial IT hub of the world.


Let's look at the process for a little bit. First off, there is a thorough session of dialog between the clients and the development team about what the app is going to be, here they envision it's scope and it's boundaries as well as many other aspects as niche audience and support. After all the initial aspects are approved and agreed upon and all the details of the app are gathered by the development team, work begins. The client is then updated at regular pre-determined intervals of the progress and modification and updates are made accordingly. The pricing strategy may involve paying a certain percentage of the overall development cost after every iteration of the project is completed. The modifications if they are very transformative may cause more for the client.


Then after the app is developed it goes through a vigorous testing phase where in it is tested in different devices, with different inputs etc so mimic user scenarios. The main purpose is to catch and eliminate as many bugs as possible before it is released to the public. Then a report is submitted to the client and is gotten approved which makes sure that the clients is happy with the results.


Finally, the app is then uploaded to the app market and made available to the mobile users to use either as a free version or a premium/paid version, where they have to pay to download it to their smartphones.